Writing compilers has never been easier. META is a high-level language toolchain that makes compiler engineering accessible to everyone.

Absolutely Tiny

META is efficient. It's concise syntax allows you to write less and get more done. The compiler itself is only 15KB in size and a fully fledged LISP compiler can be done in just 25KB. That's smaller than most compiler's header files...

Stup** Fast

Meta was built for speed! It is written directly in Assembly and optimized to make the most of it. META can compile itself in just under 2 Milliseconds, that's about as long as it takes other compilers to load their --help page.

To put that into perspective, META could compile itself recursively 250 times without you even noticing any stutters while live reloading

Well documented

It's easy to get lost when learning new languages. META comes with a comprehensive documentation so that you don't get lost in the process. Getting started is easy and you will see results right away!

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Languages that have compilers written in META for the METALS Intermediate Representation. All of these support transpilation into other languages.